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You may be thinking this robot has bionic arms and sits at a computer. But in reality it is a complex piece of software. It uses a clever algorithm to assess online poker situations, constantly making the best possible decisions.

The Poker Cash Maker was programmed with the help of Poker Software Engineer and a Poker Professional. Poker Cash Maker is the most advanced Poker Robot ever created. He is a simple to use windows program. He doesn’t need programming… You start up the program (Poker Cash Maker) then start up an online poker game and let’s Poker Cash Maker play!

Most people think of poker as a “card game” involving pure luck. To be honest they couldn’t be further from the truth. Poker is a game of calculations skill.

The latest release of ‘Poker Cash Maker’ earns $39 - $74 an hour playing online texas hold'em. He can play at any online poker room and is undetectable. You see, poker software generally uses something called “footprints” to detect cheaters. But Poker Cash Maker has been programmed to fully erase his virtual footprints…

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